Thursday, November 19, 2009

Talking Justice at the Denny's at the Benning Road Metro

Today I had breakfast at the Denny's located across the street from the Benning Road Metro station. Had a great conversation with Pastor Brian (not his real name) who has a started a dynamic, interracial, justice-focused church nearby. We talked about the willingness of younger generations of Christians to foster interracial communities and pursue justice as a holistic lifestyle. This an example of how church leaders are behind the curve. We exchanged stories about how the churches we grew up in would never have said they were interested in justice ministries. Heck, sometimes they didn't even like the concept of benevolence. (After all, couldn't poor people just work a little harder to get ahead?). Thankfully, things are changing. God is moving. And Christians are listening. People are waking up to the fact that God expects us to act justly towards our neighbor. Simply put, our fostering of a just society for our neighbor is one way we love our neighbor.

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